Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school and it was such a great day!! With the girls gone I got my house clean and all of my errands done..Peyton was so sad that she couldnt go to school with Blakely..I told her she gets to start pre-school next week but that didnt make it any better..It was great but sad at the same time..The house was so quiet when normaly I am used to three noisy kids..It made me think how fast time flies and how I wish time would stand still..It seems like everytime I blink there is another year gone by..It is crazy to think I have two kids in school this year..I am so thankful for my girls and they are such good girls..I just wish them a good year..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Family Pics

My sister in law is the most amazing photographer ever..She does such a great job and really loves what she does..They left to go back home today and we were all so sad..We had a lot of fun together shopping and eating our salad everyday..I just wanted to share her work with you all..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Warning: Long Post to Follow with lots of fun!!

We went up to Salt Lake for almost two weeks..We do it every summer just to spend time with all of our family that live up there..It seems like when we go up for a weekend we never have time to see everyone or it is a rush so we always look forward to this week every summer..We did a lot and saw a lot..We went to the Zoo, The Treehouse in Ogden, The Living Planet Aquarium, Lagoon, Real Salt Lake Soccer Game, celebrated 4th of July and lots of birthdays..My brother-in-law got to skydive on Saturday and we were there to watch..It was good visiting with family and long lost friends that we havent seen for a while...We have the best family in the whole wide world..We are so blessed and so lucky to have each and everyone in our lives..I'm glad we got to spend so much time with everybody..Blakely and Peyton didnt want to come home..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

So I'm a little behind on my last couple of posts I know..But I have to post it just so I have it..This was Blakes Kindergarten graduation program..They did such a good job and I cant believe she is already done with kindergarten..Time is going by way to fast..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend

I cant believe I forgot to blog about this..We had such an amazing time over Memorial weekend..The weather was so nice and relaxing despite the rain..We still had so much fun and we can always make a good time no matter what..We went and camped at the Kiabab Camp and RV in the Grand Canyon..I had never been to the Grand Canyon so it was really cool to see it..Our camp ground was so nice and secluded..It had huge pine trees everywhere..We went with our family and some friends..We had lots of yummy food especially the dutch oven bbq sandwiches..And Kasey made the yummiest cobbler I have every eaten..It was so so good!! On Saturday when we were heading up to the Canyon we were driving behind a pack of bikers..We went around one corner and the next thing we see is bikes crashed all over the road and people running..My bro-in-law is an EMT so we stopped to help..I have to admit is was so scary thinking about what I was about to see coming up on an accident..And just one that had barely happened right in front of our eyes..In the end it turned out ok and everyone went away with minor injuries..After we finally got up to the Grand Canyon it was hailing so hard that we just drove back down..On Monday it was really sunny and we finally got to hike in the canyon..It was such a fun and exciting trip..
These Indian ruins were really cool..There was an actual little house inside that rock..


At the top of the Grand Canyon..It was really foggy and rainy this day..

Creu enjoying his breakfast..He is such an easy baby to camp with..

This was some of the accident..My bro-in-law is the one in the black jacket kneeling down And then my friend Karen is in the green sweatshirt and her husband Kasey..This guy had to be life flighted because they thought he might being having a heart attack..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Theme Dat at School

We always have theme days once a month at school..This month we were all on different teams and all the teams had to have their own theme..Our team was the cowboys..There was another team that was the cops, another was the robbers, and another was any crazy colors..I finally took my camera on this day..Some other exciting news to share is that I passed my 1500 hour test on Thursday..I studied all day on Monday and I thought it was so hard..I was stressing the whole time taking the test and the whole time is was being graded..But I got an 80% and now on to the 2000 hour test and state boards..
This is Brittany, Cat, and me..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swimming and BBQ

Daniel's mom and grandma came down and spent the whole week..It was a lot of fun..We had a swimming party and bbq with all of the cousins..All the kids had so much fun..We are so blessed to have such a close family and be able to spend time with eachother..It was the first time that Creu had ever swam and he hated it..I think he thought the water was to cold but everyone else thought it was just right..Peyton is our little swimmer even though she also gets cold every time we go swimming..She is always shivering but doesnt want to get out..Blakely likes to swim ok but if it wasnt for her cousins she would have nothing to do with it..